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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Google - Task 17

I have seen both Google maps and Google docs previously.

Google maps is fun, particularly going to look up your own address - my rubbish bin was on the footpath when the Google man drove past! Anyhow I went and refreshed my memory about Google Maps, and then came to the realization that I had never needed to get directions from Google Maps, and this means I live a horribly boring life not going anywhere new. New Year's resolution - go somewhere different so I have to look up Google Maps to get the directions.

Google Docs is also fun. I have used it a couple of times and really like how easy it is to use. It was particularly useful while writing a conference paper and we could all edit the document at the same time. Online access without long downloads times additional helpful feature.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wiki Collaboration - Task 16

Having done the Libnet training, this one was easy.

I decided to add to add an oxymoron or two.

Wiki - Task 15

Wikis, for some reason, have never really appealed to me. However like everyone else in the world I use Wikipedia quickly enough if I need quick basic information - it's a great starting place for research.

While I get the shared collaborative thing by using Wikis, I find I prefer to use other technology which can do the same thing. People who can't do html can participate, I agree, but the pages tend to look to much like static html for my liking. One thing I hate about Wikis is the inability to edit attached word documents without downloading and uploading the document again. This isn't a general problem with Wikipedia, but has limitations for use as an Intranet.

I have just spent some time looking at the list of other wiki examples that you can link to in this task. As the Library has been discussing updating their subject guides recently, I decided to look at the Subject Guides Wikis. I possibly need to take some time to assess whether it was the wiki or the actual content of the subject guide. It just seemed that the guides looked very much the same (? Wiki limitations) and the content was the same as previously used on the html version. One that had a more interesting look was the LitWiki from Ohio University.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Explore Technorati - Task 14

I haven't used Technorati previously, and it was definitely interesting to have a look at. I found quite a marked difference in the results and I will need to spend some on playing with it to enhance my skills.

I signed up and was ready to get my authority etc, unfortunately at this time it seems the back end isn't working correctly. I also copied my html so I could put it on my Blog - but since I was doing about four things at once I forget to paste it at the time. Haven't found my way back to it yet, which may either be a user error or a back end problem. I did duck into the FAQs, but I have to say there seems a lot to go through and it will have to wait a little while.

Anyway Technorati seems like it could be fun - although I don't know if I would use it for keeping up professionally. RSS feeds seems more the go for me.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Social bookmarking in - Task 13

I have used previously as a collaboration tool while writing a paper with colleagues who were based at a distance. It was a useful mechanism to share literature on the topic and worked well in that instance.

I currently use Connotea, and needless to say I have a preference for it, undoubtedly caused by familiarity and the fact that I actually remember the password.

My search on was Chocolate addict - I have to say I was terribly disappointed that not more people own up to being chocolate addicts. But I found an extremely interesting item that I could purchase for only $37.10 (US$ no doubt).

The Chococlock
Every 60 minutes the shutters open and a piece of chocolate pops out, but you've only got 30 seconds to grab it. If not, the chocolate goes back in and you'll have to wait whole hour before it opens again. So not fair. Clearly a must have item for Christmas.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Audio books - Task 12

I enjoy listening to audio books while I drive. And as I drive quite long distances regularly, I found LibriVox interesting. From my personal point of view I plan to download some books and short stories to take to Tasmania, to listen to while I am on holidays.

As for accessing and using LibriVox - I found the instructions clear and technology easy to use. Of the readings I listened to, I found them of a standard at least as good as the audio books available from the public library. I was impressed particularly as this is the work of volunteers.

And an added bonus was I didn't need to do the whole login etc for registration.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Google Books - Task 11

Google Books : - Umm - As I didn't become a fan of LibraryThing, it was unlikely that I would be over the moon about Google Books. But in the interests of undertaking the 23 things learning process, I have set up My Library on Google Books and added 6 books to it. I decided to set up as the cover view - basically it looked the easy way to go.

Unlike Google Scholar, which I feel is great, Google Books doesn't do it for me. Why - I can't really say. Maybe I am a dinosaur but I always want to handle books. You know the dream of a rainy day and curled up on the lounge reading the latest ..... whoever. Ok enough dreaming. I am a great promoter of using ebooks in the Library and believe those making the purchasing decisions should check ebook availability first and buy it if it is available. Of course text books don't really come to mind in my dreaming, curling up with a book is always the latest bestseller.

Now what is this blog about? Are right - partnerships with Libraries. I know that Libraries are linking to Google Books from their catalogues and are partnering in making out of print and out of copyright books available online. Great - if I absolutely have to have find a book that isn't available anywhere else - Google Books it will be.